Based in Tuscaloosa, AL Tim Killian Construction, Inc. is one of the area’s leading light-commercial contractors, with over 30 years of experience.


When founder, Tim Killian, opened the doors in 1988, the primary focus was in the residential sector.  The company's early success during this period enabled it to transition into the light-commercial space where it is today.


Although Tim Killian Construction, Inc. has undergone substantial growth and certain operational changes over the years, the core values that it was founded upon have stayed the same:



Since one of Tim Killian Construction's primary goals is to build lasting relationships with its clients, it is crucial that the Three P Creed be kept at the forefront of its focus.  This ensures that customers' expectations are not only met, but exceeded.



Tim Killian Construction serves the commercial sector as a general contractor focusing on delivering quality projects.  To achieve this, we offer a strategic design-build method which enables project collaboration among the owner, design team, and contractor.


Not only does Tim Killian Construction have experience in new construction, but it also has a great amount of experience in renovation projects. 


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StrongBox Self Storage

StrongBox Self Storage

Climate Controlled Storage buildings are a staple of Tim Killian Construction and something that it truly prides itself upon.  It has completed a large number of storage projects over the years throughout the state of Alabama and has developed a proven process when it comes to designing and constructing these types of buildings.  Project experience consists of new-construction and renovation.

Kicker Road Office Warehouse

Warehouse new-construction and renovation is a diversified niche that Tim Killian Construction has solidified its presence in.

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Tim Killian Construction also takes on the retail market.  These projects consist of name-brand fast-food restaurants, clothing stores, and strip malls.  Tim Killian Construction has had the pleasure of creating long-term relationships with many of its retail customers which have led to repeat business.

Smoothie King

Stone View Summit Condominiums

Tim Killian Construction has had the opportunity to be involved with condominium construction in the multifamily niche.

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